In May 2002 the band and crooner Paul King  released a full length phonograph record, "I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby," featuring songs from the "Great American Songbook."  You will find it is one of the best sound recordings made in the last year.

“Sexy.” “Savvy.” “Sophisticated.” “Irresistible.” “Cocktail with an undeniable kick.”

These are just some of the words being used to describe “I’m Crazy ‘bout My Baby,” a remarkable new album of vintage American jazz by Tom Loncaric’s orchestra, featuring a dynamite young crooner Paul King.

Looking for something real in the sound of music today? This album/CD set was imagined, designed and recorded as live, using a sample of the best equipment in the history of recording – from vintage microphones and instruments to analog tape machines still unchallenged in quality. The result is an exceptional spectrum of sound; something warm, spontaneous and romantic, without studio overdubbing and electronic fabrication.

Mastering engineer Stan Ricker, who has “cut” superlative audiophile records of countless artists including the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Miles Davis, recommends “I’m Crazy ‘bout My Baby” as one of his absolute favorites!

Vinyl’s recent surge in popularity and a renewed affection for all things American make this the perfect time to enjoy this page in American music history as Loncaric and King rewrite it for modern listeners.



     The songs on “I’m Crazy ‘bout My Baby” were carefully selected from the Great American Songbook, and feature the work of Tin Pan Alley and African-American composers of the 1920's-1940's.  The tunes vary from the blues, such as "What's the Matter With Love," to Irving Berlin's quirky "He Ain't Got Rhythm," written for the 1934 movie-musical On the Avenue.  Some of the songs are quite obscure, while others, such as "Body and Soul," are icons of the standard repertoire. The title song, "I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby," is by Tom Loncaric's favorite, Thomas "Fats" Waller.


  Paul King : Born in Bay City, Michigan, Paul began his vocal work singing with his father in the church choir. At age seven, Paul and his father sang together on stage in a community variety show and he’s been hooked ever since. Paul stayed involved in music, studying piano, saxophone and guitar, and performed stints as lead singer for a handful of rock bands while attending Michigan State University.

     About a decade ago, Paul met Sunny Wilkinson, an outstanding national jazz vocal recording artist and instructor. At her studio in East Lansing, Michigan, Sunny guided Paul down the long road of fine-tuning his style, technique and jazz chops. Mastering this art is a lifelong quest, but Paul is up to the challenge. He continues to listen to the masters for inspiration, but puts his own soul into every song.

     Although he began his serious pursuit of a jazz vocal career less than a decade ago, Paul has already made some impressive strides. He has sung with many top jazz musicians in the Detroit area, and has performed with veterans of some famous big bands, including Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Sam Donahue, Joe Williams, Lionel Hampton, Big Joe Turner and Lavay Smith.

     After singing with many local big bands and jazz combos, Paul helped create the Rhythm Society Orchestra (R.S.O.) in 2000. R.S.O. is easily the hardest-working big band in the Detroit Metro Area, and performs throughout the Midwest. Now based in Royal Oak, Michigan, he recently starred in a television commercial promoting WDIV Channel 4 in Detroit, and has been nominated for "Best Jazz Vocalist" by the Detroit Music Awards in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Detroit's Metro Times jokes "His voice has been banned in some nightclubs for inducing public displays of affection on the dance floor."

Tom Loncaric : Tom Loncaric composes and arranges music and plays piano, banjo, ukulele, guitar, celesta, synthesizer and mandolin. He currently performs with his group TOM LONCARIC & HIS ORCHESTRA, specializing in "Classic American" Songs, and teaches private piano lessons in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


ALLEN GINSBURG (Poet, author of "Howl")
B. J. THOMAS ("Hooked on a Feeling" "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head")
SAM SHAM (of THE PHAROAHS "Wooly Bully" "Lil' Red Riding Hood")
SHIRLEY ALSTON REEVES(Lead singer of The SHIRELLES, "Soldier Boy" "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" "Baby, It's You" "Mama Said" "Tonight's the Night")
ANDY KIM ("Rock Me Gently" "Sugar, Sugar")
CHRIS MONTEZ ("Call Me" "Let's Dance")
DENNIS YOST (of CLASSICS IV, "Traces" "Spooky" "Stormy" "Everyday With You Girl")
SONNY GERACI ("Precious and Few" "Time Won't Let Me")
FREDA PAYNE ("Band of Gold")
BOBBY LEWIS ("Tossin' and Turnin'" "One Track Mind")
JOHNNY PRESTON ("Running Bear" "Cradle of Love")
BRIAN HYLAND ("Sealed with a Kiss" "Gypsy Woman" "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini")
THE PENGUINS ("Earth Angel" "Ookey Ook")
THE MURMAIDS ("Popsicles, Icicles")
THE CONTOURS ("Do You Love Me?")
The Coasters, The Drifters, The Olympics, Sound of the Supremes, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Flint Symphony
Orchestra, Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra with William Albright, BROADWAY MUSICALS (NATIONAL TOURING)
Chicago, The King and I (with Stephanie Powers)

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Tom took his first piano lessons at age nine. He studied classical piano with Benjamin Yu and Margaret Turney, sang with the Atlanta Boy Choir and performed in tours of Europe and Ivy League colleges and concerts with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and conductor Robert Shaw. Tom studied music in summer programs at Brevard, Florida State University and University of Georgia. He also played electronic keyboards and electric guitar in high school "garage" rock bands and was voted "Most Talented Senior" by his class at Marist High School, Atlanta Georgia.

After high school, Tom moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan to attend the University of Michigan, where he studied Piano Performance with Louis Nagel and music composition with Leslie Bassett. Loncaric was selected by the University of Michigan Residential College in 1986 to play guitar in concert with Allen Ginsburg who recited poetry and played harmonium. Tom's college band "Toe Jam" won First Place in University of Michigan sponsored Battle of the Bands 1987 and included bass player Andy Stoller, who later played with Tracy Chapman.

After graduating from U of Michigan with a BA in English, Tom taught guitar lessons, managed a music store and collected "pre-CBS" Fender Stratocasters. He studied classical guitar with Helene Rottenburg. He played guitar in fusion rock-bands Jazz Nerds and Four Disgraces.

After ten years of focusing on guitar, Tom returned to his first instrument, the piano. In 1997 he founded IMPERIAL SWING ORCHESTRA, a ten-piece big band, with guitarist Chris Neel. IMPERIAL SWING ORCHESTRA performed throughout the Midwest, including concerts at Montreux Detroit Jazz festival in 1998 and 1999, the Detroit Tastefest, and Canadian music festivals. Tom was bandleader, arranger, songwriter, pianist and booking agent for IMPERIAL SWING ORCHESTRA. The band recorded two CD's: a self titled EP and "Stay Hot." In February 1999 recorded piano, banjo and pipe organ for "Samsara", an album by Tom Maxwell (composer of the hit single "Hell" and frontman for the platinum selling band Squirrel Nut Zippers). The project included Ken Mosher, Chris Phillips and Stu Cole from the Squirrel Nut Zippers as well as Julius McKee from the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Andrew Bird and Duke Heitger.

From May to October 2000, Tom Loncaric toured with Tom Maxwell and the Minor Drag across the Eastern and Southern US. This band included Ken Mosher, Chris Phillips, as well as Robert Sledge from the Ben Folds Five. From 2002-2004 Tom Loncaric was a member of the faculty at Washtenaw Community College. He also accompanies productions of the Wild Swan Theater.

In recent years Tom has had the privilege of performing with many original artists who had big hits in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Some of his favorites include singers Shirley Alston Reeves, Brian Hyland, Sonny Geraci and Dennis Yost, who Tom grew up listening to on the car radio. Tom's keyboard skills and ability to learn many songs quickly have kept him in demand at oldies concerts. He's also sat in with local Michigan artist friends such as Crowbar Hotel, II V I Orchestra, Rhythm Society Orchestra, One Beat Back, Plymouth Symphony Orchestra and Saginaw Symphony Orchestra.

He is a substitute pianist for Professor James Dapogny in Phil Oglivie's Rhythm Kings and Easy Street Band. Tom studies jazz improvisation with Tad Weed, and has also performed on national television commercials for companies such as GM, Ford and Chrysler, composed music for the feature length film, "One Half Gone" and played piano on the soundtrack to "Imaginary Heroes", a 2004 film starring Sigourney Weaver and Jeff Daniels. In 2007 Tom's composition "In the Swing" played was used on a network advertisement for "Desperate Housewives."

His group, TOM LONCARIC & HIS ORCHESTRA, released the album "I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby" in May 2002 on TL Records. In 2007, the group was featured with Paul King on the TV show "Men in Trees." TOM LONCARIC & HIS ORCHESTRA enjoy performing public and private concerts, as well as at clubs and festivals.

Andrew Conlin  Andy  is a huge fan of jazz and swing music. He apprenticed with the great drummer J.C Heard; and is heavily influenced by Sonny Payne, Jo Jones and Frank Sinatra.

Peter Klaver An Ann Arbor native, he performed with the Washtenaw Community College Jazz Orchestra and the II-V-I Orchestra prior to a lengthy stay with the Detroit-area bar legends The Urbations.  Later he performed in a small group led by pianist Rick Roe and featuring bassist Rodney Whitaker, which took honors at the 1987 WEMU Jazz Competiton.  More recently he has worked with the Imperial Swing Orchestra and the Rhythm Society Orchestra.

Kyle Neely Kyle has a degree in Classical Guitar from Eastern Michgan University and performs with alternative rock band Throttlebody and swing big band Rhythm Society Orchestra.  Kyle is also a member of the Amoroso Guitar Quartet, playing classical, ragtime and contemporary music.

David Roof A multi-instrumentalist, Dave studied classical trumpet at University of Michigan and also plays bass, guitar, trombone, drums and many other instruments.  He has toured with Tom Maxwell (of the Squirrel Nut Zippers), Imperial Swing Orchestra, the Starlight Drifters, and the Rhythm Society Orchestra. THE SOUND


     The equipment used on "I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby" represents a sample of the best equipment in the history of recording--from vintage microphones and instruments to analog tape machines still unchallenged in quality. The album was recorded live with no overdubbing in the main recording room of Big Sky Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Engineer and producer was Geoff Michael.   Equipment includes a RCA44BX ribbon microphone, other tube condesor mics by AKG, Neumann and Sony, amplified by Neve 1073, Siemens V76, and custom built preamplifiers.  Instruments included a 1938 Gibson Super 400 Guitar, Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone and a 1915 A.B. Chase 5' 11' grand piano.  Recording was done on Ampex GP-9 tape, using 7 to 10 tracks on a Ampex mm1200 recorder 30ips 2" tape, which were mixed to an Ampex ATR102 running 1/2"  tape at 15ips.  The album was mixed on a Neotek console modified with API summing and output amplifiers.  Plate and spring reverb were added to taste. Monitoring was on Yamaha NS10 and Westlake BBSM8 loudspeakers and powered by HH Scott and Mcintosh tube amplifiers.

Stan Ricker (mastering engineer) Stan includes “I’m Crazy ‘bout My Baby” among his top 20 favorite career projects based on sound quality and musical performance. Stan has mastered what are considered the best sounding issues of numerous artists, including box sets by the Beatles, Miles Davis, and Rolling Stones.  He has cut records and recorded music for Duke Ellington, Virgil Fox, George Harrison, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, L.A. Philharmonic, Moscow Philharmonic, Stan Kenton and countless more.

     Stan Is Owner/Engineer Of Stan Ricker Mastering. A musician (acoustic bass and tuba, 54 years) who understands the importance of serving the needs of music, he has a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Kansas. Over the last 40 years, his path has taken him through teaching, performance, conducting, recording, producing, engineering and mastering many projects. Stan is well known for his keen hearing and attention to details that some others simply do not understand.    "The difference is in the details", says Stan.

     Rather than reducing the music in some way to fit a confining technology, Stan understands and pushes the technology to fit the music! As an example, he developed The Half-Speed mastering process, which created the birth of super high-quality labels such as: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, Reference Recordings and Windham Hill. SR has been a leader in on-going efforts to improve the vinyl record over a period spanning more than 39 years. Some of his varied efforts include work as a technical (quality control) consultant and mastering engineer for record labels such as: Acoustic Productions, Columbia Records, Crystal Clear, Delos, Diskwasher, JVC, Klavier, London, Mobile Fidelity, MCA, Phillips, RCA, Reference Recordings, Telarc, Telefunken, Warner Bros., and Windham Hill, to name a few.

Geoff Michael : (producer/engineer) Owns Big Sky Studio in Ann Arbor, MI, and has recorded and produced Shari Kane and Madcat Ruth, George Bedard and theKingpins, Al Hill, Jill Jack, K.C. Groves, Jo Serapere, Big Dave and the Ultrasonics and TOBOSOL.  He also designed a virtual faders computer mixing program used by Bruce Swedien, engineer of "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.

     The record is manufactured at Record Technology, Inc. in Camarillo, CA, a state of the art facility that specializes in audiophile records and produces the best pressings in the world.


Paul Keller : (Special Guest) Paul is one of the busiest bassists in the Detroit area.  He leads the 16-piece Paul Keller Orchestra formerly known as the Bird of Paradise Orchestra. Paul has played with Tommy Newsom, Warren Vache, Jr., Jake Hannah, and has also played with jazz greats Joe Williams, Cab Calloway, Panama Francis, Oliver Jones,  Doc Cheatham, Mulgrew Miller, Jay McShann, Branford Marsalis, Barry Harris, and James Moody. In 1993, Paul recorded an album for Columbia Records with guitarist Russell Malone, entitled, Black Butterfly. In 1995, Paul began working regularly with pianist/vocalist Diana Krall. Along with Russell Malone, Paul appears on Diana's Grammy-nominated CD, All for You.

Paul Finkbeiner : (Special Guest) Paul Finkbeiner has been playing trumpet since the age of ten. Mr. Finkbeiner received a degree in Jazz Studies from Western Michigan University and has performed and taught professionally since 1986. He appears on three Bird Of Paradise Orchestra CDs and has performed with Bess Bonnier, Paul Vornhagen, Paul Keller, and Jan Krist.

Paul Klinger : (Special Guest) A Cornet and Baritone Sax player from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Paul started playing Dixieland in the late 50s. He was with Mother’s Boys Jazz Band, and toured nationally with singers Bonnie Raitt and Sippie Wallace, including appearances on the Dave Letterman and Mike Douglas TV shows. His time with the New McKinney’s Cotton Pickers included concerts in Carnegie Hall, at the Newport Jazz Festival, and a European tour. His 15-year stretch with the Jim Dapogny Chicago Jazz Band included five appearances on the Prairie Home Companion radio show. Paul has led his own Easy Street Jazz Band since 1970, and he is a 12-year member of Paul Keller’ s 16-piece band formerly known as the Bird of Paradise Orchestra.


Robert Alford : (photography) A leading music photographer, his work has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, Creem Magazine, and on album covers by artists such as ZZ Top, Ted Nugent and Rolling Stones.  The extensive list of musicians he has photographed reads like a "who's who" of popular music--from Stevie Ray Vaughan to Kid Rock to Madonna.

Raphael Boguslav : (cover lettering and log design) of Newport, RI is known as one of the top calligraphers and logo designers of our time.  His work includes the logos for New York Life, Keebler, Chrysler and Internal Revenue Service. He is also a musician--he played guitar for Harry Belafonte in the 1950's and plays classical piano.

Nathan W. Shroder :  (graphic design) is the Art Director for HOUR Detroit magazine, an award-winning general interest city magazine for the metro Detroit area. He's worked with some of Detroit's top photographers on fashion and decor shoots and designs pages for this monthly publication.

Melissa Brady: : (cover model & copy editor) of Grosse Pointe, MI is an accomplished swing dancer, having competed and performed throughout the US. She is also a high school English teacher and devotee of vintage pinup culture.

Marc Taras : (liner notes) Writes a jazz column for Current Magazine in Ann Arbor, MI, broadcasts jazz on Saturday nights for WEMU-FM 89.1 in Ypsilanti, MI and owns PJ's Used Records in Ann Arbor.


     Although the general public may not be aware, phonograph records have never gone away, and are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, mostly due to high-quality reissues of older jazz and rock records, and the preference of current hip hop, r & b and techno artists to present their work on vinyl.

     The album "I'm Crazy 'bout my Baby" on TL Records is particularly special because it was recorded using only analog recording techniques on acoustic instruments, with no digital editing or effects.


“I’m Crazy ‘bout My Baby” is available internationally through Red Trumpet

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